Ruby-Jo Education Centre was established to provide a distinguished Christian Education to young people. To this effect, matters of faith and molding Christ-like character development in young people are very crucial to Ruby-Jo. The primary function of the school chaplain is to support individual students, staff and the school community as a whole through pastoral care. The chaplain oversees all spiritual activities and set the spiritual tone for the school. The chaplain enforces the vision and mission of the school. The chaplain plays an overt role in a school community by leading acts of worship, for example, and takes on a less visible role, focusing on helping students undergoing emotional or spiritual problems.

Areas of Pastoral Care

  1. Counseling students suffering from emotional trauma
  2. Offering guidance to students facing difficult decisions or leading groups that deal with issues such as marital separation, divorce and bereavement.
  3. Discipline young people for Christ through Education.
  4. The school chaplain is a presence with whom students and their families can talk with confidentiality.
  5. The chaplain coordinates peer mentoring services
  6. And many more.