Counseling Department

Welcome to Ruby-Jo Education Centre and Guidance Counseling Department. This department serves to provide individualized care and attention in assisting students with reaching their highest academic and personal potential. We view ourselves as an extension of the families we serve. Dedicated to developing supportive, meaningful, and ongoing relationships with students and parents, our goal is to ensure that every family is given the support and encouragement they need to make informed, prayerful decisions concerning the direction of each student’s life. All sessions are strictly confidential and will not be shared with others unless requested by the student or parent. Exceptions to confidentiality are threats to self or others and disclosures of abuse or neglect. In the rare case when confidentiality must be broken, the student will be informed and supported appropriately.

It is indeed a privilege to help guide our students toward the fulfillment of God’s purposes for them. We believe that God has unique plans for all students, and we strive to help guide them in that process. In addition, the guidance department provides up-to-date information for academic and personal growth, school admissions and standardized testing materials. The guidance counselor serves as a liaison between the student and school and other educational opportunities.

The mission of the guidance department is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program that addresses the academic, social/emotional, and spiritual development of all students. Our goal is to identify and remove barriers to learning while supporting all students’ academic achievement as they prepare for the ever-changing world of the 21st century.


In addition, Ruby-Jo Education Centre offers a comprehensive school counseling program based on the student’s spiritual, emotional, social, and academic growth. The program spans across all grades and is embedded into classroom lessons, small groups, school trips, seminars and parent sessions. The program is aligned to the best professional Counseling standards. Some of the topics covered include responsible social media use, conflict resolution, how to be a good friend, kindness, goal setting, career testing and High School and College preparedness strategies. Each lesson is biblically based on scripture, helping students to understand the connection to God’s word and plan for their lives. Students will learn that each person has a unique design, talents and abilities. Our goal is for students to see value in all people and to understand God’s plan for their life by identifying what makes them unique and then apply it to their own life as they develop goals and experiences in areas of interest.

Programs include: weekly guidance lessons in multiple grades, school tours, parent seminars, student seminars, teacher seminar, presentations and lessons, collaborative classroom lessons, career fairs, school fairs, internships and individual counseling.

Overall our counselors strive to present all information from a Christian perspective. Parents are welcome to visit our Guidance department at any time.

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