Our curriculum is designed to inspire enthusiasm for lifelong learning and ensure achievement for all through a skills and knowledge based approach. The needs and potential of all children are recognized and responded to, creating a climate of personal development to enhance pupil well-being and happiness.

We are committed to:

  • Inspiring and increasing aspirations
  • Providing an innovative approach to learning through use of technology
  • Developing globally aware and conscious individuals
  • Developing cultural capital through a wide range of experiences
  • Developing a love of reading
  • Developing and strengthening physical and mental well-being for all.

At RJEC we love to read! We promote a pleasure for reading across the school and use a wide selection of strategies to enable children to become skilled readers.

We aim to install a love of reading right from the start and we use Phonics to help children learn to read but it is by no means the only skill we use to be fluent readers. From Foundation stage through to KG1 our teaching is based on the DfES “Letters & Sounds” programme. Children are supported with their phonics in KG2 if additional support is needed and teaching Assistants run daily phonics intervention groups to supports children throughout the school.

Children enjoy a large range of books and we celebrate events such as Word Book Day, World Nursery Rhyme Week and others. All classes enjoy a daily story time and our English teaching is regularly taught through books

We provide regular meetings for parents on how to best support their children in their reading development as well as Parent Learning Workshop for parent to feel confident when supporting their children at home

We strive to be community of readers and all children at Ruby-Jo Education Centre have access to electronic books Club.

Learning at RJEC- Accredited Curriculum

The accredited curriculum at Ruby-Jo Education centre is challenging and rigorous, in accordance with a standard of excellence built over many years. All of our classes are taught in English, however students are taught other languages such as French, Twi and others.

We prepare students for further studies around the world, with most of our graduates attending credible institution. Ruby-Jo Education Centre offer both British and Ghanaian curriculum of study. We integral for our students, programs that help those who want to pursuing further education abroad.

In addition to the core academic subjects such as Bible, Math, English, History, Science, Social Studies and Foreign Languages, students are offered elective courses including Geography, Art and Music, Personal Fitness, Graphic Design, ICT, Industrial Arts, Creative Writing, Journalism and much more!

 Ruby-Jo Education Centre maintains a library of school catalogs and assists students with educational planning.