The school day starts at 8.00 am prompt and ends at 2:00 pm in the afternoon each day of the week for all levels at school. The teachers and children are expected to be ready to start work on time. We do want to see parents as often as possible but it helps immensely if they can see the teachers after school hours. It is also easier if parents make an appointment at school office beforehand, but we do understand if that is not always possible.

If any problems arise and a parent is worried about their child’s progress or behavior, health or any other issues, the headteachers office will always be willing to discuss such issues with them. We discourage and disallow any parent to walk direct into any classroom to discuss issues with any class teacher no matter the reason. It helps the school to know of any changes at home which may be disturbing the child. We hope parents will never feel that any problem is too small or too great for them to consult the office of the Director about. Our aim is to help each child become a happy member of the school community so that a friendly relationship will exist between school and parents of Ruby-Jo Education Centre.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Once a term, a Parent/Teacher Interview Day (open day) is held to offer a chance for parents and teachers to meet one-on-one to discuss each individual child’s progress and performance at class. Its also an opportunity for parents to see the work their children have been doing in the school classroom setting.

The interviews day and time will be communicated to parent at the appropriate time. Usually just before the mid-term break in the school. Parents are notified of the date and time. The school regards this as a very important opportunity  for home/school liaison and want all parents to attend these interviews in person whenever possible.

Meeting New Parents

At the beginning of each academic year, the school organizes a meeting for parents of new pupils to provide an opportunity for the teachers and parents to discuss the culture and traditions of the Ruby-Jo Education Centre.  It is also a time for parents to ask questions and for all to discuss ideas and expectations. The focus is on the well being of all student at Ruby-Jo school.