Ruby-Jo Education Centre Financial Policy

A.   Tuition. Tuition is a fee for the school year, but for your convenience it may be paid fully, in monthly installments or in arrangement with school office. The first payment must be made prior to your child starting school. The following four methods of payment are available:

School Fees must be paid a week before term starts or on the first day of term and must be settled in full. Only by special agreement and at management’s discretion will two installments, the first installment being 60% of the total and the second 40% after 4 weeks. Learners will not be allowed into the classrooms for delayed and failure to pay fees on time.

B.  Feeding fees: Families may choose to pay feeding feed monthly, or weekly or daily each morning before school commence.

• Payments will be received only on cash, online system like Mobile Number, Bank Draft or unless you have made specific arrangements with the financial office.

• Please make all checks payable to Ruby-Jo Education Centre.

A fee will be charged for any returned check. Two or more returned checks may result in a requirement of cash or cashier’s check.

Official Notice: All tuition payments are due a week before term starts or on the first day of term of the same month as stated above. A Penalty late fee will be added. To avoid any embarrassment and inconveniences please contact school office as early possible.

 C. Other Fee Schedule.

Information below follows details the various fees that are charged for enrollment and participation in various classes and/or extra-curricular activities. These fees are mandatory for students participating in the listed activities and will be included in the total tuition cost.

Registration Processing application and paperwork Refundable only if the student is denied admission.

Graduation: Cost of graduation will be charge to all grade students.

Physical Education: Covers the cost of PE uniforms for all Grades  

Athletic Participation:  The costs of the athletic program for all students.  Athletes Students may not participate in any extra-curricular activities until it is paid.

 Art: To help cover the costs of materials for art classes Parent will be ask to bear some cost for their ward at school.

 Books: The cost of books which include Exercise Books and text Books used in all classes is the responsibility of all parents.  

It should be noted that tuition and fees charged by Ruby-Jo do not cover the full cost of educational services offered. It is through the kind and sacrificial generosity of some individuals and other donors that we are able to offer this educational opportunity.

Please contact school office if you have any question.