Student Life at Ruby-Jo Education Centre 

With God’s Word as our foundation and guide, we seek to bring faith into every subject and activity here at Ruby-Jo Education Centre.  Faith, a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ, impacts the classroom, science lab, the rehearsal room, the stage, the athletic field, student’s worship hour and more, it’s central to who we are and what we do.  

Every student needs a platform to stand on, to call his or her own.  Extracurricular offers are areas to develop skill and character, extensions of learning beyond the classroom.  

At Ruby-Jo, there are plenty of opportunities for student involvement. Below are some of the activities, clubs, and organizations offered!

Ruby-Jo Friends

Ruby-Jo school friendship is an interactive mentoring program that pairs student with the following goals and objectives:

  • To provide opportunities for leadership and service through mentoring and/or tutoring
  • To provide younger students with an older role model
  • To provide service projects in accordance with our school purpose statement
  • To foster a sense of community within the school.
  • Older students must have passing grades, good conduct, and teacher recommendations.
  • Kindergarten students must receive written parental consent before being considered for the some program but not all.

Activities for Ruby-Jo include service, academics, spiritual growth, and social development. This program has provided a source of encouragement for the older and younger students as well as their families. Our faculty has been equally touched by the friendships shown by each pair of students. Photographs, notices of events, and special artwork are posted in the school notice board.

  • SERVICE:  helping school to cultivates the habits of service to God and Service to man.  
  • ACADEMICS:  Read Week; older students read to and participate in various literature activities with their small partners or group.
  • SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT:  Birthday Party, worship song and hymnals, chapel services and more
  • SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT:  Our day picnic lunches; Educative movies; On the field play; Christmas gift exchange; birthday parties for younger students.

 Social Clubs

Pre-School Department

Primary Department

The Social Club recognizes outstanding achievement, promotes character and social responsibility, encourages serve involvement to school and community, fosters leadership skills and provides setting for your student to develop interpersonal relationship skills.  The School motto is “Your Education Your Future” Very step of student life at Ruby-Jo is primary focus on student future well-being and life after school.   

Graduation and Induction is held in the school for promotion stages of each class to the next level. Qualifications necessary for promotion include achieving a minimum of a 90.0% without rounding, grade point average in these core academic subjects:  English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Bible.  The student must exhibit good character and earn faculty approval and have not discipline referrals. These standards must be maintained for continuity.

Book Club

The Ruby-Jo School Book Club is designed for students who love reading. Club members read selected books and meet regularly to discuss them. Doing this engages students and contributes to the reading culture at our school. The goal of the Ruby-Jo Education Centre Book Club is to encourage reading by providing a safe environment where literary discussion can take place in a respectful manner.

Chapel – (Worship) Hour  

Teach them to Pray – Group of Children Praying

Students have an opportunity to engage in leadership and utilize their musical talents. Students partner in the worship aspect of our Midweek chapels Hour. While being a big commitment this is a great opportunity to worship the Lord.


Students of all ages are provided with opportunities to explore their own interests, inside and outside of the classroom. Students in Kindergarten and Primary participate in “Spelling ‘B’ and Science Quiz” each term of the academic year.