Ruby-Jo Education Centre Our Vision

We envision Ruby-Jo Education Center school graduates who have a Biblical worldview that encompasses all of life and who are equipped and eager to take their place as servant leaders in the world we live today.  As classically educated men and women, Ruby-Jo Education Center graduates will possess broad knowledge, true wisdom, a capacity for clear reasoning, and the ability to communicate truth persuasively.  In every area of life, they will recognize, appreciate, and spread truth, goodness, and beauty to the glory of God.

Two Emphasis

  • Our vision is to develop and equip the child with skills necessary to meet the challenges of the future.
  • Teaching Truth, Equipping Generations, and Changing the World for God’s Glory

 Teaching Truth

Ruby-Jo Education Centre believes in developing students of distinction by instructing our children in the virtues of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Equipping Generations

Ruby-Jo focuses on leveraging every opportunity and interaction for the sake of the holistic development of each child. We aim to prepare students to live an honorable life now and into the future.

 Changing the World for God’s Glory

Ruby-Jo desires to use the vehicle of education for the purpose of preparing students to impact the world around them, both here and abroad.


Ruby-Jo Education Centre Our Mission
  • Providing a child-centered education to bring out the best potential of each child.
  • Ruby-Jo Education Centre provides quality Christian education within a multicultural community, developing students of integrity who can change the world for God’s glory.

 Quality Education

Our goal at Ruby-Jo Education Centre is to provide an excellent education for our students, preparing them with the skills necessary to successfully transition to the next stage of life, whether that is another school, higher levels of education, or the work place.


Ruby-Jo Education Centre staff share their belief in the Faith mission of the school, to train the child a Godly manner, to develop their sense of what is right and wrong and choose to do what is right throughout their lives, and to have respect for authority and their environment.

 Multicultural Community

Our staff and students are from different background, languagesand cultures. Our multilingual, multicultural diversity provides a rich environment for working with and learning from others.

 Students of Integrity

We desire all students who attend the Ruby-Jo school to be students whose word can be trusted, who live lives that match their words, and who are people who display Christ-likeness—God’s image of integrity.

 Change the World for God’s Glory

No matter where in the world our graduates end up and irrespective of their careers, our desire is that they glorify God wherever they are and in all that they do.