Parent Involvement

Ruby-Jo Education Centre welcomes parent commitment and involvement in many areas of school life. First of all your Prayer support is the most important aspect of this involvement. Secondly, we encourage parents to support their child’s classroom teacher by participating in various class and school events. Parents are welcome to all in-school programs and activities, as well as our school yearly events when invited. The Christmas Concert, Easter Concert, and Speech and Prize Giving Day. Parents are instrumental, through their donation of time, skills, talent, and other sponsorships in making these, as well as other events a success.


The parents and caregivers should be encouraged to be a part of the process of doing home learning. It will be reinforced that the role of the parent or caregiver is to help the student review work, through discussion and example. They should encourage questions and skills that lead to discovery, whilst underlining the importance of independent work by the student.

Parents should be kept in touch with the home learning demands on their children either through student planners, assignment notebooks or some other comparable method. If a student is consistently failing to complete home learning in a satisfactory manner, including situations where the parent is over-involved, the parents must be informed and their co-operation enlisted. Parents are expected to support the school’s home work and learning procedure.

A parent conference will be arranged when a student has been identified as needing support. Parent input is essential to establish the needs of the student. Regular meetings will occur with parents, class teachers and learning support teachers (subject teachers where appropriate) to review progress.


The help and assistance that volunteers provide is very much appreciated and ultimately benefits our school children. We thank you very much for the wonderful work that you do with our students and for the tasks that you perform which make our jobs as educational professionals that much easier. We love to work alongside you in educating your children.


Who is a volunteer:

  • Enjoys working with children
  • Helps to create a positive climate and supports the faculty, administration, and staff by following school wide and classroom regulations.
  • Is in the school to increase students’ confidence and strives to bolster each student’s self-esteem.
  • Deals impartially and fairly with students regardless of differences in background and nationality, intelligence, physical ability, or emotional maturity.
  • Remembers that direct communication with parents about a child’s school work is the responsibility of the school’s professional staff, and thus, refers parents to the appropriate teacher.
  • Maintains confidentiality about children’s activities and performance.
  • Speaks constructively of all staff, but reports difficulties involving the welfare of students or school to the School office.
  • Consults with the supervising or class teacher at appointed times so as not to interrupt the instruction schedule. Follows school procedures for setting up a conference with own child’s teacher and discusses own concerns at an appropriate and convenient time, pre-arranged with the teacher.
  • Is reliable in following through with arrangements.