As a Christian school with global focus in an increasingly cosmopolitan Accra, Ruby-Jo school students and families come from different background, language and cultures  in Ghana and beyond. Sharing our common experiences brings us together, and celebrating our differences makes our community great, strong and rich.

The community of Ruby-Jo extends beyond its gates; the Loyalty of Parents, Guardians, friends and the Christian communities are just few of the ways Ruby-Jo builds connections within the greater Accra community, Ghana and beyond. Ruby-Jo Social Media presence is another way the school connects with current & former families, teachers, and alumni in Ghana and around the globe.

Ruby-Jo School PTA allows parents, teachers, and alumni a special opportunity to support the school’s highest current priorities through their philanthropic giving. Our Parent-Teacher Association offers many volunteer opportunities from event planning to room-parent support. The PTA is a vibrant part of the Ruby-Jo community and helps keep Ruby-Jo school community strong and healthier. 

You’re welcome to our vibrant community!.