Christian behaviors, principles and living are  very much a part of all aspects of Ruby-Jo Education Centre. We model this through our curriculum, activities, coaching, training and interactions with each other within the school community and beyond. The goal here is to emulate to the children good Christian behavior for them to develop a sense of what is right and what is wrong and to choose to do what is right all their life time.

School Children learning the Culture of Praying together

Ruby-Jo Education Centre has worship and singing days during which time they are told Bible stories and how it applies to life in practice. They learn the importance of having the God-kind of love for each other, and developing a good sense of integrity and honesty, doing good deeds and becoming good citizens within their community.

Walk through the halls at Ruby-Jo and you’ll see students of all ages interacting with each other. Peek in on another day and you’ll see teachers and staff eating lunch with 1st graders or 6th graders assisting Nursery and kindergartners in the pick-up line.

The final goal of a Ruby-Jo education is not a mere transfer of ideas but the training up of Godly young men and women with renewed minds (Romans 12:1-2) and servant hearts (Philippians 2:5-8). When both parents and teachers are like-minded in their desire to teach children from a distinctively biblical world and life view, the partnership can flourish.


At Ruby-Jo Education Centre, we are intentionally focused on the following values and characteristics to guide us in living out our vision and mission:. Our students are encouraged and celebrated for demonstrating these values in all learning activities and all personnel are challenged to personally model these values in their daily lives.

Ruby-Jo School, Abacus Program