A.      Ruby-Jo Education Center is a school.  It is not a church whose very essence is one clearly laid out in terms of doctrine, creeds and positional statements on the interpretation of scripture.  It is not a home whose members are small in number and of like mind.  In partnership with the home and the church, Ruby-Jo Education Center is a Christian school/institution established by an individual parent by name Madam Adina Brown, a professional trained Pharmacy/Pharmacologist to provide a structured set of learning experiences which, taken as a whole, will “train the child in the way he/she should go and when he/she is old he/she will not turn from it.”  (Proverbs 2:6).  The school is a Christian training ground mandated to equip its students with the tools necessary to become an active contributing member of the body of Christ and a blessing to the Community poised to enter the 21st century. We further make this declaration that ….

  1. At Ruby-Jo Education Center, we believe that God calls Christians to be actively engaged in politics, commerce, science, education and the arts etc.  These fields of activity are not to be viewed as “worldly;” rather the faithful are called to address such areas as legitimate human concerns and to restore them to something of God’s original perfection rather than turn their backs on them.  We want our Ruby-Jo Education Center pupils to analyze and respond to societal phenomena and issues.
  2. We believe that the Christian school teacher directs the learning process with God’s Word in one hand and God’s Created Order in the other.  Each complements the other.
  3. God is the Great Revealer, (Col. 1:15-20) continually active in the world.  We must discuss the evil that pervades the world and develop alternatives.  This gives students discriminating knowledge in order to exercise discernment in their future life choices.  Our Christian school curriculum seeks to develop wise and responsible Disciples of Christ.
  4. A Christian school is a place where Christian educators refuse to be satisfied with providing only factual knowledge and marketable skills.  Rather, teachers in a Christian school seek to transform all activities and studies into an expression of biblical wisdom, training the students to walk as disciples of Jesus Christ.
  5. Our children must understand the basic structure of our environment.  They must sense God’s order, design, and presence there.  But they must also understand how sin has distorted it; they must understand the Lord’s will for all areas of the creation, and be able to act accordingly.  They must develop the beginning of wisdom, as they learn to address the issues of our time. 

B.   Christian education continually evaluates all human activity; taking note of the effects of sin and helping students learn to distinguish between God’s will and sinful responses.  We are in the world not of the world.  (John 17: 15, 16; Romans 12:2)

  1. We believe that the entire created order is subject to God’s will, laws, and ordinances.  “There is not a single inch on the whole terrain of human experience over which Christ does not exclaim, ‘Mine!’  Each sphere of life is subject to the all encompassing sovereignty of God.  We believe that the Christian school is called not just to couple piety with intellect, nor just to preserve biblical studies in our schools, but more basically to see every area of thought and life in relation to the wisdom and will of God.   (James 3:13;  Psalm 111:10)
  2. To educate is a sacred trust.  The teacher’s task is to inspire and equip students to think and act for themselves and to use their gifts to respond to God’s will in their lives.
  3. Important goals of Christian education include the ability to see students make and articulate a commitment to Jesus as Lord and Savior; to be capable to coping and competing in our modern age with unique and sensitive manners as taught by God’s Word.  We must bring Christ’s healing message to a world that is deeply affected and distressed by sin.
  4. The sensitive issue of teaching about and exposing students to the evils in this world should be age-appropriate and done with wisdom in a specific and realistic manner.  The goal of this teaching is to give students discriminating knowledge in order to exercise discernment in their future life choices.  (1 Cor. 10: 21,22)
  5.  The Christian life is life in community that works at the renewal of culture in the name of the Lord … its use of natural resources, its literature and art, its politics and economics, in the spirit of anticipation … the spirit of those who anticipate a new heaven and a new earth … training children, in the manner of the school, for living the Christian life;  … this life as a life of community that toils at the transformation of culture, the whole of it governed by a vision, no doubt a partial vision, of the Kingdom of God – this is the purpose of our Christian school.
  6. Ruby-Jo Education Center, then, stands in the world, as a testimony of God’s grace.  It surveys the entire creation, explores the effects of sin, and declares that its program is designed to lead to wisdom.  It is a place where our children learn to understand and confront the world, following Christ in every area of life.
Ruby-Jo Education Centre Philosophy