A Christ-Centered Curriculum

Ruby-Jo Education Center Schools’ purpose is to develop and train the whole person both spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially with unprecedented excellence in a Christ-centered culture. We believe that a Christ-centered education trains our students to defend their faith and to impact society intellectually for generations to come. Students will grasp the expectations and responsibilities of a life committed to Christ in their school environment, homes, and community.

Creche Department

Ruby Jo School Creche Department

See how we handle and prepare our Creche and challenge them to reach their maximum potential.

Nursery Department

Ruby Jo School Nursery 1 Department

See how we challenge our students to reach their maximum potential. from the first day at school.

Kindergarten Department

Ruby Jo School KG -1 Department

Explore opportunities to enroll in our primary department and Dual Credit courses.

Primary School Department

Ruby Jo School Grade 1 Class

At the primary level there is a greater emphasis on a development-based curriculum and students are taught the essential concepts of the various subjects. The focus is on the development of the positive attitudes and healthy habits among students.. You can!

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Junior High School

Ruby-Jo Education Centre Crest

Discover the intentional academic path designed for our students. Our Basic Education Program provides students with life-skills, knowledge and Christian values to help them improve their lives and their communities. Our Junior High School is ideal for regular students and those who wish to study online, with our E-Learning Centre. Learn More

Online Education

Ruby Jo School E-Learning Centre

Education without borders

The current goal of Ruby Jo School is to provide a learning space and mode of delivery for students to continue their education, in the form of an online campus. It acknowledges that its students are currently located in various learning contexts; hence, the program offerings have been redesigned with versatility and flexibility as the main features of its content and mode of delivery. Join our online school learning delivery no matter where you live. You can! Enroll Now. Learn More

Research Centre

Research Library: Elementary Department

At this age, children are naturally inquisitive and curious. Our innovative Research Centre gives students the opportunity to develop their investigation skills, allowing them to research, collate, apply, analyze and integrate information

ICT Centre

Ruby Jo School ICT

Within our ICT and Multimedia Centre, children are taught with PowerPoint presentations and overhead projectors, opening their eyes to the wonders of modern technology and instilling a sense of interest as they view and learn.

Music and Art

Music and Art Department

Music and Art is an integral part of the curriculum. We have well-equipped music and art rooms where students are encouraged to discover and develop their talents.