Meet Our Teaching Professionals Team

Ruby-Jo Education Centre employs as in-house team of 20 multi-skilled education professionals, specialists and staff from different background who are supported by an advisory board of eminent educationists. Dedicated, qualified and experience professionals are selected for their expertise and their ability to create motivational atmospheres for students.

Ruby-Jo Education Centre aims to ensure that high standards of quality and professional service are maintained across all level of our schools. The performance of Headteachers and all staff is subject to regular review and from this further training needs are identified. Comprehensive programme of induction and ongoing professional development are regularly conducted to enable our staff to be at the forefront of good practice and also prepares them to progress within the organization

All Ruby-Jo Education Center staff have access to professional opportunities that include recommendation, endorsement, placement, training, and professional development programmes to enhance their delivery and performance.

Our Teaching Staff

Our Teaching Staff

Alice Clement

Facilitator (PRIMARY)

Teaching is not simply about imparting knowledge. It is a sacred responsibility to shape young minds and foster a love for learning. As a teacher, I believe that education is not solely about academic achievement but also about nurturing students' intellectual curiosity, critical thinking skills, and personal growth. I aim to create a positive and inclusive learning environment where every learner feels valued, respected, and empowered to express themselves. I believe in the power of building meaningful relationships with my learners, as trust and mutual understanding are crucial for effective teaching and learning.
Our Teaching Staff


Grade 3 Facilitator

"Parents love their children because of quality education, which develops in them a bright future."
Our Teaching Staff



I'm a teacher because I owe it to all the dedicated educators who gave so much to me during my youth. I own it to them to pay it forward to the younger generation. I teach so that every child is uplifted and not discouraged. It is your daily victory as a student that will translate into your termly victory. Success is not magical; it is practical.
Our Teaching Staff

Mrs. Dzifah Asomani-Adjei


Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. We promise to give you quality output and value for your money.
Our Teaching Staff

Esther Asiedu

Facilitator Crèche

Education helps us get exposure to new ideas and concepts that we can use to appreciate and improve the world around us and the world within us. I will recommend the Ruby Jo Education Centre to all because it is indeed a center for learning and self-development.
Our Teaching Staff


Nursery 2 Facilitator

Education helps us get exposure to new ideas and concepts that we can use to appreciate and improve the world around us and the world within us.
Our Teaching Staff

Mary Awuku

Grade 2 Facilitator

A good education can change anyone. A good teacher can change everything.
Our Teaching Staff

Miss. Irene Frempong


I am well pleased to be a part of this noble institution, where good Christian values, integrity, and respect are held high and the total welfare of children is our drive. Come, join us, and together, we will build a better future.
Our Teaching Staff

Benedicta Nyarko.

Teacher of Social Studies, Asante Twi, and Our World, Our People.

Impacting all the knowledge and wisdom endowed on me by God for the benefit of these lovely and great citizens of our beloved country and the global community at large.
Our Teaching Staff



Ruby-Jo Education Centre The school, which trains both learners and teachers, helps them fit into society and achieve their goals.
Our Teaching Staff



An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
Our Teaching Staff



Philosopher Maimonides quotes, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Message at Ruby-Jo Education Centre, we teach our learners to do things themselves, which will forever stay with them and help them be independent individuals. I believe in sharing knowledge.
Our Teaching Staff

Maxwell Kwasi Adonu

Computing facilitator (Primary)

"At RUBYJO EDUCATION CENTRE, we're not just teaching computing; we're fostering the next generation of tech-savvy innovators. As a computing facilitator, I'm proud to be part of a dedicated team that empowers students with cutting-edge knowledge and skills, preparing them for a digital future. Join us on this exciting journey of education, where we inspire young minds to reach new heights in the world of technology."